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Erica Boyce


Erica Boyce

Erica Boyce has been writing since she was in third grade and wearing badass cowboy-boot dresses. She wrote an illustrated story about an awkward encounter between a Thanksgiving turkey and a hunter and never looked back. Since then, she's written angsty poetry in high school, angsty short stories as an English/Creative Writing major at Dartmouth College, less angsty legal memos as a student at Harvard Law School, and her first book, a speculative-ish upmarket novel entitled THE FIFTEEN WONDERS OF DANIEL GREEN.

She is currently a member of the Massachusetts bar and an Associate Fiction Editor at Pangyrus. For her day job, she works with fishermen and community organizers across the country to help keep small-boat fishing fleets in business. She lives outside Boston with her husband and dog. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, crafting, reading (of course) and adjectives.

Erica Boyce

Books by Erica Boyce

by Erica Boyce - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Daniel Green makes crop circles. As a member of a secret organization, he travels across the country creating strange works of art that leave communities mystified. He's always been alone; in fact, he prefers it. But when a dying farmer hires him in a last-ditch effort to bring publicity to a small Vermont town, Daniel finds himself at odds with his heart. It isn't long before he gets drawn into a family struggling to stitch itself back together, and the consequences will change his life forever.